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My name is Susan Hannah and I am thrilled to be able to offer you opportunities to increase the quality of your life. I have spent a significant part of my life working on improving my health. This journey has led me to skills and understanding that I feel comfortable sharing with all of you. I remember feeling so stuck in my life and wondering what all of this chaos and confusion meant for me. I realize now that sometimes we really cannot appreciate another’s path until we have spent some time walking our own. Seeing You is my business which allows me to see and appreciate the steps of your path.

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Journaling classes – are offered to help individuals make sense of the experiences of their life. Writing can offer many ways to help let go of the intensity of moments and move past the stuck points we may sometimes feel.

Nutritional Consulting – is a non-medical discussion and education about the possible effects of eating choices, options for helping to improve energy levels, mood, sleep and focus along with meal planning both for day to day and special events.

Raw food preparation classes – education on how to prepare uncooked entrees, side dishes and desserts. Although the food is uncooked, it can be heated up to 108 degrees as part of its preparation.

Spiritual Life Coaching – support for understanding and handling the challenging moments of life. Help is offered to set realistic objectives to reach mutually agreed upon goals.


Journaling classes – $10 a week or $30 a month

Nutritional consulting – $75 for the initial 90 minutes and then $45 for each following hour

Raw food preparation classes – $125 for a 4 hour class with all supplies included

Spiritual life coaching – $45 per hour














Seeing You

Because of my own health challenges, I have found lots of wonderful areas of interest on my path to healing. Raw food preparation, nutritional consulting, spiritual life coaching, and journaling classes offered in English and Spanish.

Unlike many companies that tell you what they believe you should be doing to change your life, I talk with you not at you. Together we decide if working together is a good fit and what our goals will be. Depending on whether the focus is educational or supportive, we can set up concise, reasonable objectives to reach your goals.

Let me describe what each of my services offer:

Raw food preparation – I teach methods for deciding, finding, using and blending ingredients for uncooked meal planning. This does not necessarily exclude heated foods because even raw foods can be dried in a dehydrator or oven not to exceed 108 degrees.

Nutritional Consulting – I am not a physician of any type and my training is in nutritional consulting which encompasses a variety of eating options yet emphasizes unprocessed, fresh, whole foods. There are many challenges in life that correspond to eating choices and these can affect energy levels, mood, sleep, focus and concentration.

Spiritual Life Coaching – My coaching is not connected to a specific religion. I do my best to respect all faiths and offer support through universal spiritual concepts, not one type of religion over another. I empower individuals to identify and commit to objectives to meet the areas of challenge in their lives. My role is to keep people committed and motivated to the changes they want to see happen for themselves.

Journaling Classes

Taking time to write down thoughts and feelings about past events, experiences and relationships can help to develop a broader perspective on life. Being able to transition from venting and rehashing to moving into understanding and empowerment is the focus of these classes.



My Healing Story Part 3

Spirituality, Healing and Sharing


I do not follow any religion for a variety of reasons. I am guided by a very strong spiritual faith and part of that faith is service. My story has its share of laughter and tears and for that I make no apologies. I remember a cousin of mine who said these words to my family when I was a teenager: “Sue will change her diet when she is ready. Trust her.” Her words linger in my mind. I did change my diet as I learned more. Today I continue to learn and grow. I have come a long way from being so exhausted from my exposure to black mold that I slept most of every day. I am moving beyond the physical injuries, the grief, the confusion and the despair. I cannot say I know how another feels. I know how I felt when no one seemed to understand me. I remember feeling like the oddest soul in a room, too broken and damaged for words.

I truly believe my healing will continue for the rest of my life and I’m so very grateful for the many opportunities that it will bring. If I were to offer a gift to another person, it would be the gift of knowing that change and healing are possible. I have studied nutrition and various paths for changing health that is compromised. I make no guarantees of what will happen. I offer options for changing old patterns and beliefs. Hope is a very powerful concept. It can change a person completely.

I want to support other people who tire of swallowing their pain, loss, confusion and heartache. Nutrition can affect mood, thought and action. It is a powerful force for change. My work is about hearing what people are saying and offering choices for possibly improving the quality of their thoughts, feelings and behavior. Nothing is guaranteed. Life is made up of the choices we make. For me, nutrition gave me hope and health. It is my intention to offer some different perspectives and thoughts about what is capable of being changed. It may just be more than you ever dreamed possible!


Part 3

My Healing Story Part 2

Naturopaths, chiropractors, acupuncturists and more

Acupuncturists did help me to stop consuming pasteurized dairy and introduced me to herbs rather than medications however, they saw me as an overweight woman more so than a deeply saddened, sensitive, physically ill one. Some of their treatments gave me tentative relief but their dismissive tone caused me to turn more deeply into myself. The chiropractors I saw varied. Some helped me to feel better but the relief was fleeting and it would be decades until I realized how different corrective chiropractors were from your run of the mill pop and crack doctors who labeled themselves chiropractic healers. I saw my fair share of naturopaths who offered some degree of help yet failed to understand my sensitivities. Their suggestions for changes in diet did not address the differences between raw and cooked food, traditional ways of preparing grains or the differences between healthy and rancid oils.

Neurologists, paleo and raw foodists and mental health practitioners

By early mid-life I finally got some testing done which showed that I had survived some physical injuries in my life. The outcome of this testing and evaluation explained that my sensitivities came from old injuries that were not handled appropriately. The scars, both physical and emotional, had left permanent marks on my life. The neurologists offered nothing in terms of hope, only assessments of where my functioning currently was. My mental health practitioners did their best to help me to understand grief, abuse and neglect. A technique called Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, EMDR, transformed some very painful moments into memories that I could honor and respect. My hope was bolstered by many in the raw food and paleo movements. David Wolfe is one of my favorite teachers. He talked about how much change was possible even under dire circumstances. Nutrition was his platform and I began to see how possible healing and change could be. Dave Osprey, Dr. Josh Axe and Dr. Mercola talked about recovering from conditions that the allopathic world stated was not possible. I began to feel a greater sense of hope and fire.

Optometrists, geneticists and the recovery of others

In my search for answers I met with two different neuro-developmental optometrists who worked with people who had survived physical injuries. One evaluated my issues yet was unable to help me move past my challenges. The second, who I still see, has held hope for me from the beginning. She identified my issues and has supported me in the various levels of intervention. Her professional skills are impressive. Her kindness and compassion are outstanding. I also found my way to a geneticist who found that I had a very rare partial genetic deletion which she explained as best she could. Although this may have been very disturbing to some, for me it was an answer and explanation of my uniqueness and commitment to survive and thrive. In reading and listening to the many people who have moved into vibrant health, I have felt rejuvenated. I have seen people move beyond a variety of challenges to include Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, type 2 Diabetes, Hypertension, Crohn’s disease, Cancer and Ulcerative Colitis among others. It is the wisdom, compassion and outspokenness of these people that have shown me what is possible. No words can fully capture the gratitude I feel for them and the effects they have had on my life.


Part 2

My Healing Story


I am writing about my personal experience. I am not a physician and do not offer this article as a substitute for medical advice. I strongly advise all readers to consult with their physicians prior to making any lifestyle changes.


Grief and illness

When I was a young girl, I experienced a large amount of loss in my life. My best friend died of leukemia when I was seven. A year before my grandparents had also died and even though they were elderly it was very difficult for me to understand how people so loving to me could leave my life so suddenly. I began to have trouble falling asleep and found that napping during the day was far easier than sleeping in the dark of night. Then my headaches began around my temples and I found it hard to concentrate both in class and with my homework. Soon I started to get very painful cramps and frequent trips to the bathroom. When my parents took me to the doctor I was told that I was very nervous and that I should take medications to calm down. The medicines were very strong and I felt drowsy and in many ways worse from them. It would be years before I would realize how much I had swallowed and stifled the deep sadness and hurt I felt from losing those I loved so much.

Dairy by another name is not the same

As I did my best to swallow my heartache I realized that pasteurized dairy was cool, creamy and soothing. Even though my sinuses became congested and my headaches were worsening, my emotions were soothed. I had no idea that the dairy had been processed with hormones, genetically modified ingredients and that the fat had been destroyed by homogenization. The amounts of processed sugar in the yogurts and dyes and monosodium glutamate in the cheeses were only making my already sensitive system worse. It would be decades before I realized that raw milk from cows that produced A2 (a form of casein that is from Jersey and other cows which is usually tolerated much easier than that of A1 protein which is typically from Holstein cows) milk. The amount of pasteurized dairy that I consumed was excessive and although emotionally I felt less pain I was physically doing damage to my body.

A drop of honey makes the medicine go down

Neither my parents nor I understood that there were huge differences between raw and pasteurized honey. When the doctors prescribed me anti-spasmodics, antibiotics, antihistamines and decongestants, my mother mixed them with her pasteurized honey. I was unable to swallow a pill so this concoction is what I took while continuing to consume a diet of processed food, pesticides, and hormone filled pasteurized dairy. This childhood pattern continued well into adulthood.

Hormones, antidepressants, acid reducers and more oh my!

Realizing early in my life that motherhood would not be my path, I took synthetic hormones as a preventative. Although I was never pregnant, my microbiome (the bacteria that make up our bodies 10 to 1) was not helped by this medication. My destruction to my own body continued with medicine for my acid reflux, my deeply depressed mood and my disturbed sleep from childhood. Never did it ever occur to me that the doctors may not have all the answers or that my sensitivities may be deeply affected by the ever-increasing stress in my life.


Part 1